Gaggle is a flight recording application built specifically for paramotor pilots. Some advantages of using Gaggle are:

  • See your altitude, ground speed, wind speed, airspaces, and more while you fly.
  • Record and keep a log of all your flights.
  • See where other pilots are in real-time to ensure everyone is aware of each other’s location.
  • You get better support from event organisers on the ground by sharing your live location with them.
  • A new update going out before the fly in event will add support for you to see other airplanes around you, improving safety for pilots in the area.

Using Gaggle is easy! Here’s how:

  • Install Gaggle – Flight Recorder from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Press record to create your account. You can log in with your Google or Apple account for the quickest and easiest setup.
  • Press Start Recording to start a new flight recording and access all your instruments.
  • Gaggle will automatically stop recording when you land and show you a view of the flight you just recorded.
  • If you’re planning to attend a fly-in event later this year, using Gaggle can enhance your experience by making it more social and interactive. You can see where other pilots are flying, share your live location for support from the ground, and log your flight for future reference. Plus, the upcoming update will add even more functionality to improve safety.

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting out, Gaggle is a great tool to have in your flying kit. So why not give it a try. We will create a group for everyone to join before the event that you all can join.

If you run into any problems please email, and we’ll be happy to help. For more information please follow this link: