Courtesy Rules

Happy Wanderers 2024

As a pre-able to these courtesy rules we would like everyone to understand that we want everyone attending to have fun. With that in mind we have to consider however everyones safety, as well as the stress associated with the organising of the gathering. Therefore the willful violation of these rules may result in the suspension of flying privileges at the fly-in and may result in the Safety Officer ordering your grounding. Please adhere to them as safety will be paramount.


Only Pilots holding a valid pilots license, issued by SACAA and student Licenses will be allowed to fly at the Fly-In. Please chat to Riaan and Basjan early in order to sort this out if you have a problem.

No pilot will be allowed to take-off without ensuring that they understand the content of these rules. To the effect of this each pilot will be assigned a wrist band. You will obtain this wrist band at the Fly-In during take-on registration and only if you have handed in your indemnity form. A copy of these courtesy rules will be handed out then as well.

We implore everyone to consider everyone else to the extent that we all can self-regulate obviating the need for any policing on any of these matters.

Pilot Responsibility

Pilots are responsible for the condition of their aircraft and no flying is allowed if equipment is not fit for flying. That’s common sense guys, ask for help if you have an issue. Lets get into the air safely.

Pilots are responsible for ensuring that all flying is conducted strictly in accordance with the Civil Aviation Regulations and Technical Standards.

No person shall be allowed to fly on his own without having qualified as Pilot or as a person attending the fly-in as a student supervised by one of the attending instructors.

Incidents & Accidents

Every pilot need to immediately report incidents to the Safety Officer wherever possible. Please, as soon as possible, report any hazard or incident that could adversely affect the safety of flight and ground operations at the Fly-In to the Safety Officer.

Noise Abatement

We have been requested to respect the privacy of the private residents in the area and specifically not to buzz the two Golf Courses in the area. Please do not fly over the resort multiple times as there will be other guests at the resort that might not appreciate the noise.

Take-Off Area – Arrangements

The Safety Officer will indicate the circuit direction for the day during the compulsory morning briefings. This have to be adhered to at all times. Should no Safety Officer be present, or if three or more pilots are airborne, all pilots will fly in the circuit direction mutually agreed upon between active pilots. All manoeuvres outside the general pattern must be timeously called so that other pilots can take appropriate action. Please check your radios and frequencies.

Please be considerate when using the take-off and landing area. Move your equipment out of harms way as soon as possible to allow other pilots the opportunity to use the beach.

A pilot who desires to execute a fast or slow low pass shall not execute such low pass within 100 meters of the take-off or landing area. The white water where the sea meets the sand might be a good place for that. Understand that there are several new and inexperienced pilots attending our gathering as well. Lets allow them to enjoy our gathering as much as what we would like to do it too.

The official frequency for the period at Happy Wanderers LZ is 130.350. Prior to landing or take-off pilots shall broadcast on 130.350 and inform landing and take-off. Exiting the Fly-In area standard RT rules apply and pilots will switch over to 124.2/8 depending on routing.

Do not involve fellow pilots in any Acro maneuvers (i.e Wing Bumps) without a detailed discussion on the ground prior to flight. It goes without saying that any reckless or perceived reckless incidents will have far reaching consequences for our sport and future fly-Ins.


The frequency of 130.350 MHz shall be used by pilots within the confines of the Resort Flying Area unless instructed otherwise by the Safety Officer.

Exiting Happy Wanderers Flying Area airspace pilots must switch over to 124.2 if heading North or 124.8 if heading South. Monitor and do the necessary broadcast (TIBA). More on this during the daily briefings.

Pilots may use frequency 130.35 whenever they fly together but ONLY while monitoring 124.2/8 on dual band radio. No pilot is allowed to fly without radio communication. Should radio difficulties be experienced, pilots should head back to Happy Wanderers and land as soon as possible.

Gaggle – eConspicious Aid

We are in the fortunate position to have the developer of the popular flight assistance application, GAGGLE sponsoring our Fly-In again as well. We have chosen the app to be our coordinating instrument of choice and together with SafeSky integration will assist in making the skies (or recoveries) as safe as humanly possible. Please install the application, enable SafeSky integration and join the GAGGLE group prior to attending the Fly-In. We will spend some time going through the software prior to Fly-In or during one of the first briefings.

Equipment Safety

The organisers of the Fly In will not be held liable in the case of any loss or damage. In the event of incident or accident, pilots will follow the prescribed emergency operating procedures prescribed by South Africa Air Law. Please refrain from making any statements and allow the Safety Officer to respond to the media or authorities upon request.

Night Flying

Night flying it is totally forbidden. South African Air Law have us grounded until 15 minutes before Sunrise and from 15 minutes after Sunset.


Driving of vehicles on the beach is forbidden by the Resort unless by special authority of the Safety Officer in case of an emergency.

No pilot shall consume alcohol prior to or during his flying any aircraft.

Pilots, please warn bystanders not to stand in line with rotating props. Its not as obvious as what you might think to non-paramotorists.

Please don’t fly in any manner that could be hazardous to anyone at the field.

Avoid low altitude passes and close in aerobatics when the field is congested. Under 100 feet above the Resort is prohibited.

Please show courtesy to all pilots, especially new pilots. Allow them the air space they may require. The Resort has requested that we please mind the grass when filling your paramotor. All fillings should be done where no harm can be done to the environment.

Damage to Property

All persons will be responsible to pay for any damages caused to property of the adjacent buildings and/or facilities by any person(s) for whose actions they are legally responsible.