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Its suggested that each participant checks with their medical aid as far as assistance in case of accident or other need specifically w.r.t perhaps an aerial MEDEVAC. In case you are not covered it is strongly suggested that you investigate travel insurance for this purpose.

There is several hospitals, ambulances and helicopters available along this stretch of coast.

Community Outreach

Again Astrid would like to embark on a community outreach in the form of a donation of old clothes, shoes and other items that the local populous might find value in. Its anticipated that we will embark on a mini “fly-in” to an accessible site where the donation will take place. This idea is open for discussion and development and we would highly appreciate some assistance with this endeavor as it was well received on the Wild Coast during our first fly-in.

Recovery and fuel

The area is well serviced with roads and other infrastructure and recoveries and fuel will not be a problem. Cobus don’t break your motor…..

Comments and contributions

The bulk of our communications with each other will be on the WhatsApp group. We will also copy notices and articles of interest to the Posts section of this website. Be sure to come back to this section if you have missed a notification or message on the WhatsApp group or just follow how the organizing of the event is proceeding. Please leave a comment or a contribution in the boxes below. If you have ideas for events or activities for our Fly-In please add it here:

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