Banking details and fees

Space is limited and as organisers we have decided to offer participation on a first come first serve basis in terms of the deposit of the neccessary funds. Accommodation ranges from sea facing cottages to more rustic rondawels and also a self catering option. Rates are as follows:

Sea Facing per person inclusive of 3 meals per dayR925
Garden Cottages per person inclusive of 3 meals per dayR875
Rustic Cottages per person inclusive of 3 meals per dayR825
Self catering option no food per day (per meal options are available)R350
Children’s rates:
0 – 3yrs (no charge)
4 – 12yrs (50% of adult rate)
13yrs and over (adult rate)

50% of the accommodation fee as well as the R500 “fly-in” fee need to be paid before the 15th of February. Please calculate your obligation from the table above for the amount of days that you will be attending and deposit the funds as per the banking details below. Please use the primary pilot’s name and surname as a reference so we can pick up your payment.

Additional financial obligations

Over an above the accommodation charges, there will be a “Fly In” fee of R500 per pilot. This will assist to organise and fund the event and supply a commemorative “fun pack” inclusive of a T – Shirt.

Reservation fees

As the hotel is located in a reserve, a fee of R78 per person is payable for the 7 day period of the fly-in. The organisers will endevour to assist with the collection and submission of these fees but it might be neccessary for attendees to settle this at the entrance gate upon entry into the reserve.

Banking details

Recipient: S Van Heerden

Institution: Capitec Bank

Account number: 1723396549 (Savings)

Branch Number: 470010