Banking details and fees

Accommodation will be taken care of by the resort itself and it will be an arrangement between the resort and yourselves. At most I will hold your hand and commiserate with you if you run out of hot water. This time around there will be no bar tabs or any credit given. Sadly some absconded last year without settling their bar bills resulting in a loss of around R5000-00 to the resort. All payments for accomodation to be settled prior or on the day of arrival.

The R1500-00 pilot “Fly-In” fee needs to be paid before the end of March (we always have great difficulty with this). Please use the primary pilot’s name and surname as a reference so we can pick up your payment. It is important to understand that it takes quite a while to organize the stitching of jackets and printing of shirts and should your payment come late you risk not getting this piece of memorabilia. THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL exercise and the shortage of funds typically means that it has to come from the pockets of us, the organizers who are all volunteers.

Available on a first come first serve basis is the accommodation spelt out by the resort below at a fee of R2965-00 for the period mentioned below. Now remember this is offered to us on a per person sharing basis. So if you are a couple and wouldn’t like to share a unit with other people, climb in early and book a bachelor unit -there are only 6 of them. Likewise if you are a group of friends and wouldn’t mind sharing, book a larger unit for your group and leave the smaller units for young couples or older couples on Viagra. Per person sharing means sharing a unit, not a room. So its not expected of anyone that isn’t keen to share a room with someone he or she doesn’t know. The resort has made it clear though that they cannot re-configure any rooms for us as they are pretty booked this time of the year.

For those who cannot attend the gathering for the full 6 days the resort has graciously offered a daily rate of R600-00 per person sharing. Be sure to inform the ladies at reception if you are one of those unlucky people.

So in summary: R1500-00 per pilot (see banking details below) and R2965-00 for the resort package deal per person sharing settled with the resort directly.

The Breakdown of Apartments currently available for the dates 6th – 12th May 2024 is as follows:

Downstairs Bachelor ( sleeps 1 single person or a couple x1 dbl bed = 6  (The dbl bunk bedroom is only suitable for children)

Upstairs Bachelor (Sleeps 1dbl & 2 single) = 8

1 x Bedroomed unit downstairs (sleeps 1 dbl and 2 single) = 12

1 x Bedroomed unit upstairs ( Sleeps 1 dbl & 2single) = 3

3 x Bedroomed unit downstairs (Sleeps 1dbl & 2 single) = 4  (The double bunk bed is only suitable for children) – 2 bathrooms

3 x bedroomed unit upstairs (sleeps 1 dbl & 4 single) = 3  – 2 bathrooms 4x bedroomed unit upstairs only (sleeps 1 dbl & 6 single) = 4

Other than the supplied breakfast every morning (not optional), The restaurants A La carte menu will be available to us every day for lunch and supper. That means if for instance we want to make a group trek to a restaurant close by one evening, we could do that to.

Banking details for the Fly-In fee:
Recipient: S Van Heerden
Institution: Capitec Bank
Account number: 1723396549 (Savings)
Branch Number: 470010