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  • Fly In Schedule

    Monday 6 MAY 2024 08h00 – day:                       Registration Weather Dependent:              un-associated activities at own behest 19h00 – 19h30:                       Drinks and conversation  Tuesday 7 MAY 2024 08h00 – 08h10:                       Safety Briefing (Basjan / Riaan) Weather Dependent:              Activity of the Day 18h00 – 19h00:                       Braai 19h00 – 19h30:                       Topical…

  • Courtesy Rules

    Happy Wanderers 2024 As a pre-able to these courtesy rules we would like everyone to understand that we want everyone attending to have fun. With that in mind we have to consider however everyones safety, as well as the stress associated with the organising of the gathering. Therefore the willful violation of these rules may…

  • Gaggle

    Gaggle is a flight recording application built specifically for paramotor pilots. Some advantages of using Gaggle are: Using Gaggle is easy! Here’s how: Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting out, Gaggle is a great tool to have in your flying kit. So why not give it a try. We will create a group…

  • Future Posts

    Please bookmark this page for future posts w.r.t. our Fly-In. As mentioned the bulk of our communication will happen on our WhatsApp group and the information bits will be copied here.

  • Camping spots

    Happy Wanderers has great camping facilities. The resort offered us a per person rate of R150-00 (to be confirmed) per night. There is a condition however that the campers have to pay R720 per person for breakfast for the six days. For more details on the facilities itself please click here: Caravan and Camping facilities